engine repair in Columbia

Today’s engines are designed to last – but only when they’re properly maintained. Maintenance is the key to helping your engine last and preventing the need for engine repairs. When it’s time for engine maintenance or repair, you want a professional who can do the work correctly, economically, and who will give you a service warranty on the work. You want the Complete Auto Care experts at Mr. Transmission® Milex® of Columbia.

Proper Maintenance can Prevent Engine Repairs

Your engine needs more than just a regular oil change. Its performance and longevity also depend on having other fluids checked, things like the coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Depending on your car’s mileage, these systems may need to be topped off or even drained and refilled.

There are other regular maintenance activities that need to be performed as well. The air filter needs to be checked and replaced regularly, and your vehicle’s battery should be checked every 20,000 miles. Every 40,000 miles or so, you should have your spark plugs and spark plug wires replaced, and have your ignition system checked. Around 60,000 miles, you should have your engine’s timing belt checked and adjusted or replaced if necessary.

These are just some of the maintenance activities that if done on schedule can prevent engine repairs. There are other issues, beyond engine care, that you need to make sure are kept on schedule – important things like brake maintenance, tires, exterior lights, hoses, suspension components, and your HVAC system.

The Complete Car Care professionals at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia are dedicated to maintaining and repairing your car or truck as economically as possible. We’ll make sure your car is fully maintained so it stays on the road. With our engine repair and general maintenance services, you can be confident your vehicle is safe to drive every time you head out on the road. We’ll also make sure your engine lasts like it’s supposed to – through regular professional maintenance and through expert engine repair service when it’s needed.

Whether your car has 10,000 miles or 300,000 miles on it, bring it to Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia for engine repair and maintenance service. We’ll take good care of your car, and of you. In Columbia, SC and surrounding communities, call us at (803)772-7986.