Diagnostic Services in Columbia, SC

diagnostic services ColumbiaWhen your Check Engine light turns on, your car’s onboard computer has detected a problem with one of your vehicle’s parts or systems. To find out what that problem is, you can bring your vehicle to Mr. Transmission® Milex® of Columbia for diagnostic services. As Columbia’s automotive experts, our team makes diagnostic services easy. We offer convenient scheduling for diagnostic inspections, utilize state-of-the-art computer diagnostic technologies, and offer the expertise and guidance that drivers in Columbia need when planning next steps after a diagnostic service check.

Diagnostic Service Inspections for Columbia Drivers

Seeing your Check Engine light come on can be stressful. On the one hand, it could mean damage or failure of an expensive part in your vehicle. On the other, it could be something as simple and cheap to fix as a missing gas cap. But until you have your vehicle inspected, you have no way of knowing.

Diagnostic services at Mr. Transmission Milex Columbia will help you find out what’s causing the Check Engine light to turn on in your vehicle. Our technicians use the same state-of-the-art systems used by your vehicle’s manufacturer to connect with your vehicle’s onboard computer and determine what’s causing the warning.

There’s a long list of reasons for a Check Engine light warning, but some of the most common include:

  • Damaged oxygen sensor
  • Missing, loose, or damaged gas cap
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • Damaged mass airflow sensor
  • Damaged or worn out spark plugs

No matter why your Check Engine light turned on, it’s important that you find out the reason sooner than later. If damaged or worn parts aren’t promptly replaced, damage can often spread to other areas. This can turn an inexpensive repair, like a spark plug replacement, into a costly one, like replacing your catalytic converter.

Post-Diagnostic Services & Repairs

After diagnostic services from Mr. Transmission Milex of Colombia, our technicians will give you a detailed explanation of the problem causing your Check Engine light warning. We will also provide you with our recommendation for how to proceed. If your vehicle requires additional servicing or repair, we will also provide you with a complete estimate for the work your vehicle needs. As Columbia’s source for automotive servicing and repair, we can get your vehicle back to road-ready condition in no time.

Call Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia at (803) 772-7986 today to schedule diagnostic services for your vehicle.