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transmission services in ColumbiaAt Mr. Transmission® Milex® of Columbia, drivers rely on the complete range of transmission services we offer. As Columbia’s transmission specialists, our transmission services include: transmission inspections, transmission fluid checks, transmission fluid and filter changes, transmission reseals, transmission repairs, transmission rebuilds, and transmission full-scale replacements.

That’s a big list, and it can sometimes be tough to know which service your transmission requires at any given time. To help, here’s a quick guide to the when and why of our transmission services for drivers in Columbia, SC.

Transmission Services for Columbia Drivers

  • Transmission Fluid Check. When you need it: Once a month. Why you need it: Contaminated fluid or low fluid levels quickly lead to overheating, which leads to severe damage. A free fluid check makes it easy to identify dirty fluid or low fluid levels.
  • Transmission Inspection. When you need it: At least once a year, or if you suspect damage. Why you need it: A free inspection and performance check can help identify wear or minor damage before it spreads, saving you hundreds — possibly thousands — on a repair.
  • Transmission Fluid & Filter Change. When you need it: Every 15,000 to 60,000 miles, or if a technician detects dirty transmission fluid. Why you need it: To keep fluid clean, which will prevent overheating, wear, and damage.
  • Transmission Reseal. When you need it: If your transmission is leaking fluid. Why you need it: Leaks cause low fluid levels, which quickly lead to overheating and damage. Typically, that means a much more costly repair.
  • Transmission Repair. When you need it: If your transmission has limited, easily accessible damage. Why you need it: Minor repairs are rare for transmissions, since transmissions are prone to internal damage. But if a minor repair is possible, it will be much cheaper than a rebuild or replacement.
  • Transmission Rebuild. When you need it: If your transmission has internal damage. Why you need it: Most components can only be accessed for repair by uninstalling your transmission, taking it apart, replacing the damaged parts, and then reassembling and reinstalling the full assembly.
  • Transmission Replacement. When you need it: If your transmission has extensive damage. Why you need it: In cases of extensive damage, it’s sometimes cheaper to replace the transmission completely than to pay for the labor that a rebuild requires.

Columbia’s Transmission Service Center

Does your transmission need servicing? Whether you need a fluid check, a transmission replacement, or a something in between, you’ll find the transmission services you need at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia. Contact us today to schedule a free fluid check, a free transmission inspection, or one of our other transmission services.

Call 803.772.7986 today to schedule a FREE inspection or to learn more about transmission services at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia.

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