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At Mr. Transmission® Milex® of Columbia, drivers regularly come to us with questions about transmission issues, transmission repairs, and transmission replacements. One common question from Columbia drivers is whether or not a vehicle really needs a transmission replacement.

When it comes transmission replacements, you need the right information and the right technician before committing your car — and your wallet — to such a major repair. If you think you might need a transmission replacement, we suggest you bring your vehicle to the experts at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia. We will provide you with a free transmission inspection to diagnose the real issue causing problems with your vehicle.

When you do, the following information on different types of transmission repairs will help you decide if a transmission replacement is right for your vehicle.

Transmission Replacement & Rebuild vs. External Repairs & Reseals

If you’re having issues with your transmission, the best-case scenario is an external repair. In an external transmission repair, technicians can diagnose the issue and replace damaged parts without taking apart or replacing your entire transmission. An external repair requires less labor and typically means you spend less money on replacement parts.

transmission replacement in ColumbiaUnfortunately, the way that transmissions are built makes external repairs difficult or impossible in most cases. If the technicians at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia believe inner damage may be present, we will typically recommend a transmission rebuild or transmission replacement.

Another potential fix is a transmission reseal, which can be used to fix leaks in your transmission. This is less expensive than a major repair. But it’s important to keep in mind that any inner damage caused by leaking fluid could mean you need other repair work.

Transmission Replacement vs. Transmission Rebuild

If the technicians at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia suspect inner damage, that usually means a transmission replacement or rebuild is needed. During a transmission rebuild, technicians disassemble your vehicle’s entire transmission, test each part individually, then replace any damaged parts. A transmission replacement means replacing the entire transmission.

Which solution we recommend will depend on the extent of damage to your transmission. A transmission rebuild is usually less costly and provides an effective fix for minimal or moderate damage. But if damage is extensive, a wholesale replacement is usually the smarter option. Because of the reduced labor costs, it could even save you money compared to a rebuild.

Depending on your preference for new vs. used parts, the expected lifespan of your vehicle, and other factors, the decision between a rebuild and a replacement will often come down to personal preferences. If you are having your transmission repaired at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia, our technicians will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of a transmission replacement or rebuild for your vehicle.

Schedule a FREE, no-obligation transmission inspection with Columbia’s transmission replacement experts by calling (803) 772-7986.

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