transmission rebuilds in ColumbiaWhen drivers in Columbia need help with transmission repairs, they turn to the experts at Mr. Transmission® Milex® of Columbia. Our team offers assistance with everything from minor transmission repairs to full-scale transmission repairs and replacements, including transmission rebuilds.

Our transmission rebuild services are one of our most popular options for Columbia drivers who require a significant transmission repair. When in-car repairs aren’t possible, a transmission rebuild can be a cost-effective alternative to a full-scale transmission replacement. With our high-quality parts, expert workmanship, and customer service, Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia is the trusted source for transmission rebuilds in the Columbia area.

Transmission Rebuild vs. Transmission Repairs & Replacements

One of the questions we get most often from Columbia drivers is what the difference is between a transmission rebuild and a transmission repair or a transmission replacement. The simplest way to explain is to outline what each of these terms means:

  • Transmission Rebuild. A transmission rebuild involves completely taking apart your vehicle’s transmission, and then checking which parts need replacing and which don’t. The transmission is then rebuilt from scratch, re-using parts that are still in good condition and replacing damaged parts with new ones.
  • Transmission Replacement. A transmission replacement means removing your vehicle’s transmission and installing a completely new model. This ensures that all parts are replaced, but will cost more than a transmission rebuild.
  • In-Car Transmission Repair. Some transmission damage is minor enough that repairs can be performed without removing your vehicle’s transmission. This is known as an in-car repair. When possible, this type of repair is easier to perform and much less costly. Unfortunately, damage to transmission parts is often hard to assess without taking apart your vehicle’s transmission, meaning an in-car repair is not always possible.

Transmission Rebuilds at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia

If you’re having issues with your transmission or suspect your transmission might be suffering from significant damage, the team at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia can help you diagnose the issue and get your vehicle back to road-ready condition. Our free Performance Checks offer an easy way to diagnose transmission troubles and find out if a transmission repair or transmission rebuild is necessary.

If your vehicle requires a transmission rebuild, the technicians at Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia will ensure a quality rebuild for your vehicle’s transmission. Our technicians use high-quality replacement parts and perform all rebuilds with careful, expert workmanship. That workmanship is backed by our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Find out more about our transmission rebuild services or schedule an inspection for your vehicle by calling Mr. Transmission Milex of Columbia today at 803.772.7986.


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